About us

HomeNxt is a digital mortgage platform engineering the home loan process to make it fast, simple and transparent.

HomeNxt is part of the Homeville consulting group, a technology company focused on building a housing credit enablement network through its technology platforms.

Using an API driven distribution strategy on demand side and open banking model on the capital side, we deliver best-in-class experience to homebuyers looking for new age home loans.


Our vision

Home buying is one of the most important milestone in the life of every Individual. At HomeNxt, we believe that a home is the real capital for a family. Our vision is to bring a positive change in the lives of millions of home buyers by redefining the home ownership journey.

We are making the home ownership process simpler, faster and more accessible for billions of Indians. Our platform allows you to obtain home loans from the comfort of your home.


Our Partners

We’ll collaborate closely to unlock shared value and grow our businesses together.

Network Partners

Digital mortogages defined to empower you to offer best in class experience to your customers

Financial Institutions

Power end to end digital mortagage customer journey

Solutions rooted in technology

Architect to scale faster

Our documentation contains everything needed to build integrations and custom home loan journeys within no time.

Cloud native

Our entire loan management and origination systems have been designed and built on the cloud. We are a cloud native organization built for scale and flexibility.

var data = JSON.stringify({

application_id: 10,

bank_id: 1,

tenure_month: 12,

loan_amount: 1200000,

loan_product_id: 2,

external_id: 15,


var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

xhr.withCredential = true;

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We are always on the look for fresh talent. We’d love for you to join us in our goal to accelerate home ownership. Discover the right role for you.